Dwarf Barbarian Male Young Bald Golden Beard

Dwarves are a stoic but stern race, proud of their long history of crafting and fighting. Dwarves have an unyielding courage and determination, which is often reflected in their stubbornness. All dwarves possess keen senses, sharp minds, and a natural resistance to magic. They usually stand about 4 feet tall but are much broader and heavier than humans. Males usually have long, thick beards with hair the color of burnished gold. Females usually wear their hair in intricate braids adorned with beads and jewels.

Barbarians are fierce warriors who hail from uncivilized lands. They are often seen as savage and brutal, but they can also be honorable and noble. Barbarians are physically strong and hearty, able to withstand harsh climates and endure great hardship. They typically dress in furs or leathers, and they often decorate their bodies with tattoos or scars. Male barbarians are typically large and muscular, with wild manes of hair. Females are often just as fierce as their male counterparts.

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