Elf Barbarian Female Old Short Golden Hair

There she stands. The elf. Tall and proud. Her long golden hair cascades down her back, and her bright blue eyes seem to pierce your soul. She is the epitome of beauty and grace. But do not be fooled by her appearance. This elf is a fierce warrior, capable of felling even the mightiest of foes with her sword or bow.

She has seen many battles in her long life, and has emerged victorious from each one. She is a legend among her people, and is respected and feared by all who know of her. Even the great dragons fear her wrath.

But there is one thing that this elf fears more than anything else: dungeons. For it is in these dark places that she has lost so many friends and allies over the years. But she knows that if she wants to save her people from the tyranny of the dragons, she must venture into these dangerous places once again.

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