Elf Bard Female Old Bald White

There she stands, an imposing figure even at her advanced age. Her once-lustrous white hair is now thin and wispy, and her skin is wrinkled with the years. But her eyes still gleam with a sharp intelligence, and her stance is confident and regal. She is the archetypal elf: tall, slender, and beautiful.

But this elf is different from most. For one thing, she is bald. And she is not wearing the traditional elven garb of light colors and flowing fabrics. Instead, she is clad in sturdy armor, emblazoned with the symbols of her profession: a bard.

This elf is no ordinary bard. She is a master of song and story, able to weave magic with her words alone. She has traveled the world over, performing for kings and queens, dwarves and elves alike. Wherever she goes, she brings joy and laughter � even in the darkest of times.

She has seen more than her share of darkness in recent years, though. As the world has grown harsher and more dangerous, so too have her performances become more somber. Still, she persists � because she knows that laughter and love are always needed, no matter what the circumstance.

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