Elf Bard Female Old Short Blue Hair

She stands before you, an elf of few words but great deeds. She is old, her blue hair short and spiky. But in her eyes you can see the fires of youth, ready to take on whatever comes her way.

She is a bard, and a damn good one at that. Her voice carries the weight of experience, and her fingers dance across the strings of her lute with the skill of a master. She has seen many things in her long life, and she has stories to tell that would make your hair stand on end.

But she is not just a storyteller. This elf is also a warrior, and she has fought in many battles. She has seen friends and comrades fall, but she has always kept on fighting. Because that is what she does best.

So if you’re looking for adventure, or just someone to regale you with tales of daring deeds, then this elf is the one for you. Just be sure to watch your back around her � she’s known to be quite a trickster!

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