Elf Bard Female Young Bald Blue

She stands before you, tall and proud. Her blue eyes shine brightly against her bald head, and her Elf ears twitch slightly as she regards you with an appraising look. She’s holding a lute in one hand, and you can see a dagger strapped to her hip. She looks like she’s ready for anything.

This is the Bard, one of the most versatile classes in Dungeons and Dragons. They can fight, sing, and charm their way out of any situation. And this Bard is no exception.

She introduces herself as Lila, and you can tell from her accent that she’s from the faraway land of Zendikar. She tells you that she’s been wandering the world for some time now, looking for adventure. And it seems like she’s found it in you.

Lila is young and impetuous, but there’s a wisdom beyond her years in her eyes. She’ll be a great asset on your quest, whatever it may be. You can trust her to watch your back – and to provide some much-needed levity when things get too dark.

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