Elf Bard Female Young Long Blue Hair

She was an Elf, a Bard by trade. She was young, barely out of her teens, and her long blue hair cascaded down her back. She was the only one in the party who could sing, and she did so with a beautiful voice that captivated all who heard it. The others were all fighters, strong and brave warriors who protected her while she sang. They were on a quest to save the kingdom from a great evil, and she was proud to be part of it.

The dungeons they explored were dark and dangerous, full of deadly creatures that sought to end their lives. But the Elf and her companions fought bravely, slaying monsters and finding treasure along the way. Eventually they reached the heart of the evil kingdom and confronted the villainous ruler. After a fierce battle, they emerged victorious and saved the day.

The Elf Bard was glad to have helped make a difference in the world; it was what she had always wanted to do. She continued adventuring with her friends for many years after that, never forgetting the lessons learned in those early days.

Custom Character, Monser, Item or Campaign Art
Do you have a specific idea for your perfect Character, Monster, Item or Campaign , but can’t seem to find anything that quite matches what you’re looking for? Well, now there’s a solution!

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