Elf Bard Female Young Short Golden Hair

She had always been fascinated by dungeons and dragons. As a young girl, she would pour over books about them, imagining what it would be like to explore a dragon’s lair or battle a fearsome creature. Now, she was finally going to get her chance. She had been chosen as one of the adventurers to explore an ancient elven ruins that was rumored to be haunted by dragons.

She was excited and nervous as she entered the ruins, armed with only her trusty sword and shield. She soon found herself in a dark, musty chamber that smelled of death. And then she saw it…a huge dragon, asleep in its hoard of treasure. She knew she had to act quickly before it woke up and attacked.

heart pounding, she crept forward, blade at the ready. But just as she was about to strike, the dragon opened its eyes and fixed her with a baleful gaze. She froze, unable to move or even speak. It seemed like an eternity passed before the dragon spoke in a deep, rumbling voice.

“Why have you come here?” it asked.

Somehow finding her voice, she replied, “I-I came here to explore these ruins.”

The dragon regarded her for a moment before speaking again. “You are not welcome here,” it said. “Leave now before I eat you.”

Trembling with fear, she turned and ran back the way she had come. She barely

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