Elf Cleric Female Old Short Black Hair

She stands at the ready, her short black hair bristling in the breeze. Her green eyes piercing through the darkness, she scans the room for any sign of danger. Her hand rests on her sword, ready to draw it at a moment’s notice. She is an elf, a cleric of the old ways. And she will not be taken by surprise.

She has been through many battles, and seen many things that would have broken a lesser person. But she is strong. Strong of body and strong of mind. She has faith in her god, and that gives her the strength to go on.

She is not tall, but she is not short either. Her body is lithe and muscular, honed from years of training and combat. She moves with the grace of a dancer and the deadly efficiency of a warrior. She is old, but her age has only made her more dangerous.

The others in her party are younger than she is, but they respect her nonetheless. They know that she is the best fighter among them, and they trust her to watch their backs in battle.

She takes a deep breath and relaxes slightly, preparing herself for what is to come. Whatever happens, she knows that she will be ready for it.

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