Elf Cleric Female Old Short Green Hair

She stands at just under five feet tall, and her lithe frame is draped in simple robes of green and brown. Her short green hair is pulled back from her face in a loose ponytail, revealing sharp, elfin features. A small silver pendant in the shape of a crescent moon hangs around her neck. In her hands she carries a wooden staff adorned with crystals.

This is the typical appearance of a Dungeons and Dragons elf cleric. Clerics are support characters who use their magic to heal their allies and combat their enemies. They are often very old, as elves have a lifespan of several hundred years. This particular cleric is female and relatively young by elven standards.

Clerics play a vital role in any Dungeons and Dragons campaign. They provide essential support to the other members of the party, keeping them alive through difficult battles. Without a cleric, many adventures would simply be too dangerous to undertake.

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