Elf Cleric Male Old Short White Hair

There are few things as iconic in the world of fantasy role-playing games as the image of the Elf. Whether it be the stoic and noble Elrond of Lord of the Rings fame, or the mischievous and mercurial Legolas, Elves have always been a staple of both high and low fantasy. In Dungeons and Dragons, Elves are a long-lived race with keen senses and a natural affinity for magic. They can be of any alignment, but tend toward good. elves typically stand between five and six feet tall, with slender builds and pointed ears. They have very little body hair, and what they do have is usually white or silver. Male elves are often handsome by human standards, while female elves are rarely considered so.

Elves make excellent archers, due to their keen eyesight and nimble fingers. They also tend to excel at magic-based classes such as Wizards and Clerics. While they’re not as physically strong as some of the other races in D&D, their agility more than makes up for it. Elves are also immune to sleep spells and effects, which can be handy in a tight spot.

If you’re looking for an elf character that’s a little different from the standard fare, consider one of the subraces below:

High Elf: High Elves are more common in Faerun than other parts of the world, due largely to their close association with humanity. They’re also taller

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