Elf Cleric Male Young Bald Golden Beard

I am a young cleric of the god Pelor, and I have been adventuring in the world of Dungeons & Dragons for some time now. I was born a human, but my parents were both elves, so I have always felt a bit like an outsider. That feeling has only grown stronger since I began my travels.

I have seen amazing things and met interesting people from all walks of life, but there is one thing that has stayed constant throughout my journey: the sense of being different. Even among my own adventuring party, I stand out. My companions are all male, and while they are all younger than me, they all have more experience in the world.

I am the only one who is bald, and my golden beard is often a source of amusement for them. But it is not just my appearance that sets me apart; I am also the only cleric in the group. This means that I am responsible for healing our wounds and keeping us safe from harm. It is a role that I take seriously, but it can be lonely at times.

Still, I would not trade my adventures for anything. They have taught me so much about myself and the world around me. And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll find another elf who feels as out of place as I do.

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