Elf Cleric Male Young Long Green Hair

Long ago, in a time before recorded history, there were dungeons and dragons. These creatures were feared by all who knew of them, for they were said to be able to devour entire villages in a single night. Some say that they still exist, hidden away in dark places where no one goes.

One of the most famous stories about these creatures is the story of the Elf and the Cleric. It is said that an Elf once ventured into a dungeon where a dragon was said to live. The Elf was young and foolish, and he thought that he could defeat the dragon with his magic. However, when he confronted the dragon, he was quickly slain. The Cleric who accompanied him into the dungeon was able to use his healing magic to revive the Elf, but not before the dragon had taken a great deal of damage. The two of them fought their way out of the dungeon and back to safety, but the Cleric was gravely injured. The Elf vowed to never again face such a creature alone, and he has since become one of the most famous heroes in all the land.

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