Elf Druid Female Old Bald Blue

There she stands, an imposing figure clad in armor of shining silver. Her eyes, a piercing blue, seem to miss nothing as they survey the room. A longsword hangs at her hip, and a shield is slung across her back. She is an elf, and a druid of some renown.

And yet, for all her power and might, she is old. Her once-lustrous hair has gone white and now hangs in thin wisps about her face. Her skin is wrinkled and lined with age. But she does not let her age slow her down; instead, she uses it to her advantage.

Her opponents underestimate her because of her age, and that is always their downfall. She may be old, but she is far from weak. She has fought in more battles than most of them have even dreamt of, and she has come out victorious every time.

So beware if you ever find yourself pitted against this old woman; for while she may look harmless, she is deadly indeed.

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