Elf Druid Female Young Long Blue Hair

She had long blue hair that cascaded down her back, and she was dressed in a simple green tunic. She looked like she might be some sort of Elf, or maybe a Druid. It was hard to tell. She was quite young, probably no more than a few hundred years old. And yet, there was something about her that seemed ageless.

She was sitting at a table in what appeared to be a tavern, nursing a mug of ale. In front of her was a large book, open to a page that was covered in intricate illustrations and symbols. She tracing her finger along the lines as she read, muttering under her breath occasionally.

Every so often, someone would come up to her and strike up a conversation. She was always polite, but it was clear that she wasn’t interested in anything more than passing the time. Eventually, they would give up and move on.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized what she was doing. She wasn’t reading some ancient tome or studying for some test. No, she was playing Dungeons and Dragons. And she was quite good at it too judging by the number of people who came up to talk to her.

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