Elf Druid Male Old Long Blue Hair

There he stands, the grand old elf druid. He is quite tall, with long blue hair that cascades down his back. His eyes are piercing, and seem to look right through you. He is wearing a simple brown robe, with a rope belt cinched around his waist. A wood staff leans against his side, and a small animal is perched on his shoulder. He looks like he has seen many things in his long life, and knows much about the world.

You can’t help but feel intimidated by him, as he seems to exude an aura of power and wisdom. But there is also something kindly about him, as if he would be willing to help you if you needed it. You get the feeling that he has been through a lot in his long life, and has come out stronger for it. You can’t help but respect him, even if you don’t know him very well.

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