Elf Fighter Female Old Long Green Hair

She was an old woman, her long green hair liberally streaked with grey. She leaned heavily on her walking stick, but she still managed to fix the young fighter with a stern look. “You’re not going to find any dragons in these dungeons,” she said. “They’re all long gone, killed or driven off by adventurers like you.”

The fighter, a young woman just starting out on her adventuring career, frowned. She had been hoping to find a dragon in these dungeons, and slay it for its hoard of treasure. Now it seemed she would have to content herself with slaying orcs and goblins instead.

Still, the old woman’s words gave her pause. Could it be true that there were no dragons left in these dungeons? If so, where had they all gone?

Custom Character, Monser, Item or Campaign Art
Do you have a specific idea for your perfect Character, Monster, Item or Campaign , but can’t seem to find anything that quite matches what you’re looking for? Well, now there’s a solution!

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