Tabaxi Warlock Male Old Bald Black Hair

The Tabaxi is a feline humanoid race native to the jungles of their home continent. They are tall and lithe, with both fur and hair ranging in a multitude of colors; though black fur is most common. They have large, feline eyes that are almost always green, and they are both swift and agile. The average lifespan of a Tabaxi is around 100 years.

Though they are shy by nature, Tabaxi enjoy the company of others and are quick to make friends. They are curious creatures, always exploring their surroundings and seeking new experiences. This curiosity often gets them into trouble, but they rarely learn from their mistakes.

Tabaxi make excellent warlocks, as their natural curiosity lends itself well to studying dark magics. Male Tabaxi tend to be more outgoing than females, and as such are more likely to be seen adventuring in the world beyond their homeland. Black-furred Tabaxi are particularly valued as warlocks, as it is said that their fur gives them greater resistance to magical attacks.

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