Tabaxi Warlock Male Old Bald Golden Hair

The Tabaxi is a feline humanoid race that originated from the jungle world of Miyama. They are known for their agility, stealth, and ability to climb walls. They are also known for their curious nature, which often leads them into trouble.

Most Tabaxi have golden-brown fur with black spots. They stand about as tall as a human, but are much leaner and more graceful. Their eyes are large and green, with slit pupils like a cat’s. Their hands and feet end in sharp claws which they use for climbing.

Tabaxi are natural explorers and love to travel. They are also natural warriors, but prefer to avoid direct combat if possible. Instead, they prefer to use their agility and stealth to strike from the shadows or to set traps for their enemies.

When it comes to magic, Tabaxi tend to be drawn towards the dark arts. Many become Warlocks, believing that they can harness the power of the gods themselves. Others become necromancers or shadowcasters, using their magic to control or summon dark creatures from the planes beyond.

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