Tabaxi Warlock Male Young Bald Black Hair

The Tabaxi are a feline race that originates from the jungle continent of Maztica. They are tall and lithe, with black fur and green eyes. The males of the race are especially known for their good looks, which have earned them the nickname “cat-men”. Tabaxi are natural warriors and explorers, and many of them take up the life of a adventurer. They are also known for their skills in stealth and deception, making them excellent thieves and spies.

Tabaxi make excellent warlocks, as they have a natural affinity for magic. Many Tabaxi warlocks serve powerful demon lords, using their devious nature to twist people and objects to their will. Male Tabaxi warlocks are particularly feared, as their handsome features can be used to lure victims into submission before unleashing horrific spells upon them. Black hair is common among Tabaxi warlocks, as it is said to be a sign of power and prestige.

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