Tabaxi Warlock Male Young Bald Black Hair

The Tabaxi is a race of feline humanoids from the tropical jungles of Chult. They are tall and lithe, with fur that ranges in color from black to orange and eyes that are always green. Tabaxi are known for their stealth and athleticism, as well as their curiosity, which often gets them into trouble.

Most Tabaxi are content to live in their jungle homes, but some wander out into the world in search of new experiences. These adventurous spirits often find themselves drawn to the dark arts, and many become warlocks. TheTabaxi’s natural agility and stealth make them ideal spies and assassins, and their warlock powers only add to their effectiveness in these roles.

Despite their feral appearance, Tabaxi are intelligent and civilized creatures. They have a rich culture and history, with a love of storytelling and music. Tabaxi names often reflect this love of language, consisting of intricate wordplay or references to ancient legends.

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