Tabaxi Warlock Male Young Long Hair Blue Hair

The Tabaxi are a feline race native to the jungles of their home continent. They are lean and agile, with sharp claws and teeth that make them formidable predators. Their fur is striped in various patterns of blue, and they have long tails that they use for balance when running and leaping through the trees. Tabaxi are curious by nature, and love to explore new places and meet new people. They are also gifted with natural stealth and athleticism, making them adept at hunting and tracking prey.

As a warlock, this Tabaxi has made a pact with a powerful creature from the Shadowfell, granting him access to dark magic. He uses this power to strike fear into his enemies and to protect those he cares for. His blue hair is a symbol of his allegiance to his dark patron, and he often wears it in a wild mane that frames his face. He is lithe and muscular, moving with the grace of a jungle cat. His eyes gleam with cunning and mischief, betraying his mischievous nature.

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