Tabaxi Warlock Male Young Long Hair Golden Hair

The Tabaxi is a feline humanoid race that originated from the jungles of their home world. They are agile and stealthy hunters, and are known for their quick wit and sharp claws. Many Tabaxi find themselves drawn to the life of a thief or assassin, as their natural abilities make them well suited for such roles. Others become warriors or rangers, using their skills to protect their jungle homes from outsiders.

Tabaxi warlocks are not common, but those that do exist are often quite powerful. They tend to be loners, as their dark gifts set them apart from others of their kind. Most Tabaxi warlocks make pacts with fiends or other dark entities, in exchange for power. These warlocks are often feared and mistrusted by those who know of them, and they often keep to the shadows, using their powers to influence events from the sidelines.

This particular Tabaxi is a male with golden hair. He is tall and lithe, with long limbs perfect for climbing trees or scaling walls. His eyes are green, like grass in the sun, and his claws gleam in the light. He wears simple clothing, but it is of good quality and well made. He carries a dagger at his side, and his Packs contain all sorts of thieves’ tools. He moves with the grace of a cat, silent and deadly.

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