Tabaxi Warlock Male Young Long Hair Green Hair

The Tabaxi is a feline humanoid creature that stands about as tall as a human. They are lean and agile, with long limbs and sharp claws. They have fur that covers their bodies, which is typically green, black, or brown in color. Tabaxi also have large, pointed ears and green eyes that seem to shimmer in the light.

Most Tabaxi are loners by nature, preferring to wander the wilds on their own rather than live in close proximity to others. However, there are some who do form bonds with others, particularly if they share a common goal or interest. Tabaxi make excellent warriors and rogues thanks to their natural agility and claws, but many also take up the path of the Warlock due to their inherent curiosity and desire to learn more about magic and other planes of existence.

Male Tabaxi tend to be larger and more muscular than females, but both genders are equally deadly in combat. Green hair is considered lucky among Tabaxi, so those who possess it are often revered by their kin.

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