Tabaxi Warlock Male Young Long Hair White Hair

The Tabaxi are a feline race that inhabits the jungles of their home continent. They are tall and lithe, with agile movements and sharp claws. Their fur is dense and comes in a variety of patterns and colors, from the common tabby to more exotic leopard-like markings. They have long, flexible tails which they use for balance when running and climbing through the trees. Tabaxi also have keen eyesight and hearing, which makes them excellent hunters.

Most Tabaxi are content to live in their jungle homes, but some wanderlustful individuals feel called to explore the wider world. These Tabaxi often become adventurers or mercenaries, using their skills to survive in new environments. Some find work as explorers or trackers, while others use their natural stealth and agility to become thieves or assassins. No matter what path they choose, Tabaxi always bring their natural curiosity and sense of adventure with them.

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